Protecting Developer Environments with the VM-Series for AWS

Bridge the gap between developers and security

Enable protected development at the speed of cloud

AWS® makes it easy to adopt a new agile development methodology, but protecting your environments and corporate data requires its own shift – one that goes beyond industry-standard change controls and what’s offered natively in the cloud to a strategy rooted in automation. It should allow your developers to focus on one thing: the rapid development of features and functions.

As application developers work to write code more efficiently and effectively, they need rapid – even automated – secure access to web-based resources. This leaves those same web resources regular targets for attackers trying to inject malware into your unsuspecting network.

In “Protecting Developer Environments with the VM-Series for AWS,” learn how to protect your developers’ environment without slowing them down by:

  • Reducing threat exposure with app controls and URL filtering
  • Preventing threats and blocking outbound data theft
  • Automating policy updates and actions

Read the white paper for a plan that uses automation to protect your developers as well as bridge the gap between security and development.

Protect your developers and assets