The Shared Responsibility Model clearly outlines the responsibilities of cloud service providers and their customers, yet round after round of crazy, headline-grabbing cybersecurity breaches and trends continues. So, how do you separate the noise from what’s important? 

Unit 42, our global threat intelligence team, analyzes more than 10 billion events every month to keep you informed and aware of the latest trends and best practices that can help your organization reduce risk in the cloud. This research is freely shared so fellow defenders everywhere can access world-class threat intelligence.

Over just four months in mid-2018, there were multiple high-profile breaches involving public cloud environments, with none due to the negligence of the cloud service provider.  

This report highlights key takeaways from these incidents to shed light on current and emerging trends. Here are some of the many key findings from the “5 Key Cloud Security Trends” report:

  • 29% of organizations experienced account compromises
  • 32% of businesses exposed at least one cloud storage service
  • 23% of companies have hosts missing critical patches in the cloud

In the report, you’ll learn more eye-opening statistics, trends and best practices to stay ahead of threats as we move into 2019.

Cloud security trends and predictions

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