12 AWS Best Practices for Cloud Security


Anything requiring strength and skill takes focus, commitment and an understanding of practices that get the best results. Cloud security is no different. With the cloud constantly evolving, how do you keep your cloud in shape as well as ensure long-term protection and success?

Maintaining stable cloud operations and defending your cloud environment requires ongoing conditioning and commitment. By implementing best practices and identifying issues before they become costly problems, you’ll improve your cloud security and operations to handle any threat.

In the webinar, our expert panelists John Martinez, director of Technical Support at Palo Alto Networks, and Matt Bromiley, SANS Certified Instructor, highlight the critical cloud security and compliance exercises that will keep your organization’s data and systems secure in Amazon Web Services environments, so you can:

  • Improve your overall cloud security and health
  • Minimize the impact of human errors on your cloud
  • Encourage a more defensive mindset across your organization 

Watch the on-demand webinar, “Best Practices to Get You CloudFit – 12 AWS Best Practices for Cloud Security,” to uncover security vulnerabilities and ensure your cloud’s fit for the future.

Your cloud fitness plan is ready