Serverless and Secure
Securely enable serverless apps on AWS® Lambda

See what you’ll need to secure a serverless world

AWS® Lambda is an event-driven, serverless computing platform that’s part of Amazon Web Services.

Whether your organization is still exploring serverless architecture or taking its first steps into a serverless world, we believe best practices are critical for successfully building robust, secure and reliable AWS Lambda-based applications.

We’ve designed this new AWS Lambda Security Best Practices e-book as a security awareness and education guide for organizations developing serverless applications on AWS Lambda. 

Get your free copy to learn about: 

  • AWS Lambda basics, including logging and audit trails
  • Serverless security’s top risks, including identity and access management
  • Scalability and how to avoid denial-of-service attacks
  • Compliance and governance for AWS Lambda with AWS Config

You’ll see how Prisma™ Cloud is uniquely positioned to secure AWS Lambda environments and serverless apps. The book will walk you through best practices you can use to design, develop and test your serverless apps to maximize efficiency and minimize security risk.

Learn security best practices