We’ll answer your biggest questions about:

  • Applying consistent protection across cloud environments
  • Embedding security in your DevOps processes
  • Automating incident response in the cloud
  • Ensuring new technologies – like containers – are protected

Your move to the cloud secured


Armon Dadgar

Armon Dadgar

Founder & Co-CTO
Maya Kaczorowski

Maya Kaczorowski

Product Manager, Container Security
Nir Zuk

Nir Zuk

Founder and Chief Technology Officer
Palo Alto Networks
Adam Geller

Adam Geller

SVP of Cloud Products
Palo Alto Networks
Tim Prendergast

Tim Prendergast

Chief Cloud Officer
Palo Alto Networks
Bryan Lee

Bryan Lee

Unit 42 Threat Intelligence Analyst
Palo Alto Networks


Main Session – Your Move to the Cloud Secured

We’ll cover the security challenges organizations are facing in their move to the cloud, ways to address these obstacles, and how the future of cloud security is changing as new technologies like containers are deployed in enterprise cloud environments.

Then attend one – or all – of our breakout sessions:


Three Perspectives on the Changing Expectations for Network Security

 Derek Vadala, Managing Director and CISO, Moody’s
 Shankar Chandrasekhar, VP of Cyber Security Engineering, Moody’s
Bill O’Brien, Senior Network/Telecom Manager, FTD Companies

The rapid adoption of public cloud has disrupted well-established enterprise IT operating models, including network security. Network security teams are facing new and changing expectations around their role in the cloud. New skills for managing and securing cloud infrastructure are required, and closer interactions with DevOps teams is the new normal. This session will provide both C-level and practitioner perspectives on how networking and security roles have changed, what has remained the same, and most importantly, how security can be an enabler for the move to the cloud.


Evolving SecOps to Address Cloud Threats

 Kenny Sigafoose, Cyber Security Technical Expert, Walmart Labs

Join industry-leading Security Operations and threat research experts as we jump in to debate just how the cloud has transformed their day-to-day jobs. This session will offer insights on the latest threats and adversary tactics used in the Cloud, and how security analysts are adapting their prevention, investigation, and response efforts to keep organizations safe.


Saying “Yes” to Security Can Speed Application Development

 Armon Dadgar, Founder and Co-CTO, HashiCorp

Development teams are continuously innovating new ways to increase their speed of application delivery in the cloud. Join this session to learn how developers embed security into their development processes and CI/CD pipeline. Hear about the evolution and current state of DevOps tools and best practices to ensure that security gets built into the application architecture from the start.

Advanced Cloud Users

Portable & Secure: Embracing Containers Without Fear

 Maya Kaczorowski, Product Manager in Container Security, Google

Containers are making it easier for developers to build and deliver applications in the cloud. However, managing risk around container deployments remains a significant challenge for security teams. Join this session to learn about the security challenges around container deployments and best practices to follow while securing containers. 


Compliance for Cloud: What Changes?

 Aaron Wilson, Founder, ScaleSec

Organizations are adopting cloud technologies at a rapid pace, and with each of these transitions leading to increased cybersecurity risk. Join us for a discussion with our speaker on how their view of risk and compliance has evolved and changed as they have adopted and operationalized cloud technologies.