Cyber A.C.E.S. Program

Activities in Cybersecurity Education for Students

Empowering Digital Safety for Our Youth

At Palo Alto Networks, we believe protecting our digital way of life is a privilege, and with that privilege, we strive to educate the world on all aspects of cybersecurity.

That’s why we’ve created the Cyber A.C.E.S. – Activities in Cybersecurity Education for Students – program. We aim to demystify cybersecurity through interactive learning, equipping kids ages 5 to 15 with an understanding of how to protect their digital future.

Cyber A.C.E.S. provides the cybersecurity basics students need to have safer online experiences and become good digital citizens. Lessons are designed so they can be facilitated by anyone, regardless of their knowledge level, with each module tailored to a specific age group.

Cyber A.C.E.S. Infographic

Cyber A.C.E.S. is part of a continuing effort to drive social impact through cybersecurity education. Our Global Cybersecurity Education Fund focuses on inspiring students of all backgrounds to pursue careers in cybersecurity and ensure secure experiences in the digital world.

We encourage everyone to take advantage of this content and share these free lessons with their local schools or community programs.

For questions about this program, please email [email protected].

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