Level Up Your Container Security
Use DevSecOps to secure your containers

Embrace a DevSecOps model for container security

Containers address long-standing problems developers have faced with OS and application dependencies. Unfortunately, containers themselves introduce a new set of security challenges and complexities. 

So far, a DevSecOps approach is the only viable way to successfully address these new risks while allowing security teams to keep pace with developers.

So, where do you start?

This e-book will show your teams the steps to begin implementing a strategy that spans the development lifecycle while encouraging proactive security. Read it and learn how to:

  • Embrace DevSecOps for container security
  • Begin addressing container and cloud security in an integrated fashion
  • Get full-stack security awareness that will help you correlate, reduce and prioritize alerts as well as streamline remediation

Get Container Security For Dummies® and level up your container security strategy today.

Lock down your containers