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Evident provides near-instant visibility into the current security state of your Amazon® Web Services and Microsoft® Azure® cloud environments. By proactively detecting security and compliance misconfigurations, as well as triggering automated workflow responses, Evident ensures you continuously meet the demands of your dynamic cloud architecture.

Now, you can take an active approach and address the fast-moving, dynamic nature of the cloud with proper security automation. Set up in five minutes. No credit card required. Access to AWS® and Azure security expertise.

  • Automated
    Continuous security assessment of AWS and Azure helps you identify risk and meet the requirements of the Shared Responsibility Model.
  • End-to-End
    Complete infrastructure visibility vs. tactical, agent-based implementation virtually guarantees manageability and effortless scalability.
  • Easy Integration
    Simple, fast and effective integration with leading DevOps tools enables increased visibility and response to security issues.

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