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Nir Zuk

Nir Zuk

Founder and CTO

Lee Klarich

Lee Klarich

Chief Product Officer

Janet Matsuda

Janet Matsuda

SVP, Product Marketing

How Machine Learning + Automation Are Changing Network Security

If your work hasn’t been affected by AI and machine learning yet, it will be – and soon. In fact, both your job and your organization’s security will increasingly depend on these exploding technologies.

Hear announcements on exciting new products and game-changing features for the technology you’re using today – to improve your security and make your job easier. We’ll show you how to stay ahead of even the most sophisticated attackers.

Learn how:

  • New machine learning functionality strengthens prevention, stopping attacks that use DNS
  • Increased automation and powerful analytics reduce manual effort and enable best practices
  • The fastest next-gen firewall in the industry delivers performance without compromising security
  • Firewall management scales to save time running even the largest deployments
  • Policy Optimizer closes dangerous policy gaps and allows you to confidently remove legacy rules
  • Automation and integration enable consistent, scalable security across the broadest range of public and private clouds

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This on-demand event includes a lively panel discussion featuring Palo Alto Networks founder and CTO, Nir Zuk, and Lee Klarich, chief product officer, sharing the inside story on the big announcements. Learn how these new capabilities will work for you through demos and case studies.

Are you AI ready?