Cryptocurrency's Hidden Risks


Volatile or not, cryptocurrencies are part of the global financial landscape – and like anything promising fast returns, they give cybercriminals new incentives and opportunities to target organizations. Since its inception, cryptocurrency has played a role in everything from purchasing illegal items to ransomware attacks.

Recently, we’ve seen the rise of illicit cryptocurrency mining, or cryptojacking, a new threat that disrupts organizations and drains them of their valuable resources. Many companies are falling victim to these attacks without being fully aware of the cost. 

In May 2018, 25 percent of organizations experienced cryptojacking activity in their public cloud environments, according to Unit 42, our global threat intelligence team.

In Unit 42’s latest report, “How Cryptocurrency Is Driving Cyber Risk,” you’ll learn:

  • The true nature of cryptocurrency-related threats
  • How these threats affect businesses and employees
  • What actionable steps you can take to mitigate risks

Read the report for insights into how cryptocurrency drives cyber risks and what you can do about it.

Uncover the hidden risks of cryptocurrency