You Can’t Secure
What You Can’t See


Cloud security and compliance start with visibility

As more workloads move to the cloud and organizations adopt PaaS to further accelerate development lifecycles, it’s no surprise that 43% of cybersecurity professionals struggle with even basic visibility into infrastructure security.1

Beyond that, given the continued misunderstanding of what organizations must manage and secure — combined with the highly disruptive, dynamic nature of the cloud — it can be near-impossible to quantify risk and respond effectively.

Simply put: you can’t secure what you can’t see.

To gain that needed visibility across your organization’s multi-cloud environments and understand where your vulnerable resources are, take our Prisma™ Cloud security and compliance assessment.

This assessment enables your security and compliance teams to fully understand their specific risks and compliance posture across GCP™, AWS® and Azure® environments, along with curated, personalized executive overviews and actionable next steps to strengthen your security and compliance posture in the cloud.

Schedule your cloud security and compliance assessment and review today.

Learn what lurks in your cloud

1 5 Key Cloud Security Trends,” Palo Alto Networks Unit 42, November 29, 2018. In this report, Unit 42 looked at new and existing threats to cloud security from late May through early September 2018 and analyzed how enterprises are faring as they attempt to balance risk with efficiency.