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How Prisma™ Cloud fuels secure DevOps transformations

Practice Fusion, one of the largest SaaS electronic health records companies in the U.S., delivers data-driven insights to improve the efficiency, value and quality of healthcare record delivery. In storing and transferring vast amounts of patient data, Practice Fusion needs confidence that its web applications exceed regulatory and compliance requirements.

Because of the evolving nature of HIPAA regulations, it was difficult for Practice Fusion’s teams to quickly implement policies and ensure departments complied with the new standards. To continue developing features and remain a leader in the healthcare industry, the company needed to adopt a more modern, automated CI/CD pipeline that could support rapid deployment and peerless security.

Read our e-book to learn how Practice Fusion adopted Prisma™ Cloud to:

  • Automate scanning and enforcement of compliance initiatives
  • Increase visibility and granular control across cloud environments
  • Reduce blind spots with realtime analytics and policies

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