Cloud-Native Cybersecurity

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With built-in speed and flexibility, the cloud is clearly the right fit for architecting and running cloud-native applications.

With increasing container adoption and the growth of Kubernetes®, alongside the emergence of platforms like AWS Fargate®, Microsoft ACI, Google Cloud Run and AWS Lambda, the cloud presents infrastructure teams with new, exciting compute options for building modern apps. 

At the same time, security teams face a number of new challenges in obtaining visibility into workloads and application security posture, monitoring risk, maintaining compliance, and preventing security incidents. 

In a recently released report, “Leveraging DevSecOps to Secure Cloud-native Applications,” Enterprise Strategy Group reveals its findings from a survey of 371 North American security professionals. ESG found that:

  • DevSecOps automation is the top cloud security priority
  • Most believe securing cloud-native apps requires new policies and technologies
  • Security teams list security consistency across hybrid clouds and knowledge about specific cloud-native threat scenarios as their top challenges

Our new on-demand webinar features Doug Cahill, senior analyst and group practice director at ESG, and Keith Mokris, product marketing manager at Palo Alto Networks, going over the survey findings and discussing how organizations can protect their cloud-native applications.

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