STRENGTHEN YOUR SECURITY RULE SETDon’t let port-based rules leave you vulnerable


Managing tens of thousands of legacy rules wastes time and leads to errors. 

Even worse, port-based rules can easily expose your organization to attack. With intuitive App-ID-based rules, on the other hand, you can secure your network while minimizing both misconfigurations and time spent troubleshooting. 

Palo Alto Networks App-ID™ technology makes it easy to strengthen your security, minimize human error and save time. Policy Optimizer, part of App-ID, allows you to use simple workflows to easily and safely migrate your legacy rule set to App-ID-based rules.

Watch our on-demand webcast Policy Optimizer – Strengthen Your Security Rule Set and Save Time.

You’ll learn how:

  • App-ID reduces complexity and minimizes human error
  • Policy Optimizer can get you to a more secure rule set
  • Best practices can streamline your rule management

See how to save time and strengthen your security posture.

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