Cloud security analytics and advanced threat detection


RedLock® public cloud security and compliance service, the newest addition to the Palo Alto Networks Security Operating Platform, provides a focused cloud console for monitoring the security and compliance states of your Google Cloud Platform, Amazon Web Services and Microsoft Azure® environments.

By continuously monitoring for security and compliance misconfigurations across every connected resource as well as triggering automated workflow responses, RedLock ensures you can maintain a robust security posture across even the most dynamic and distributed cloud environments.

RedLock enables:

Comprehensive Visibility 
Implement security best practices across your GCP®, AWS® and Azure environments in minutes to meet the requirements of the Shared Responsibility Model.

Continuous Compliance
Maintain continuous compliance across CIS, NIST, PCI, FedRAMP, GDPR, ISO, SOC 2 and more by monitoring every resource across your entire cloud ecosystem in real time.

Automated Threat Response 
Perform current or historical investigations via an intuitive, DVR-like interface, prioritize issues through advanced risk scoring, and automate remediation.

Get started in minutes. RedLock requires no agents, proxies, software or hardware to deploy, delivering a true cloud-native experience.

If you came here looking for the Evident free trial, don’t worry – you’re in the right place! RedLock, like Evident, provides API-based security, compliance monitoring and more. In fact, you’ll get cloud security analytics and advanced threat detection from RedLock with continuous security and compliance monitoring from Evident in a single offering in the near future. Try RedLock today!

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