Revamp Your Security Strategy with Containers

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Modernizing traditional security with containers

There’s a common misconception that containers are less secure than traditional virtualization. If you ask a DevOps engineer what the greatest advantage of containers is, they’ll probably say agility, modularity or scalability – not security.

However, because containers offer application and environment transparency, it’s much easier for security teams to become involved earlier in the delivery process to identify potential security gaps at every layer before production.

By employing containers, your enterprise can secure applications and environments in more granular detail, allowing you to identify and resolve potential security threats before they disrupt workflows.

Join us for “Revamp Your Security Strategy with Containers” and learn:

  • What a proactive approach to container security looks like
  • The challenges of securing containers with a traditional strategy
  • How to adopt a stance that protects your migration to containers

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Gain security with containers