Rewiring Security Operations

The new requirements for defending with good data and deep analytics


Security teams need 360-degree visibility through comprehensive data and powerful analytics to fight sophisticated adversaries. It’s time to raise the bar.

Rewire your security operations with holistic visibility and extended detection and response to reduce alert fatigue by 50x, decrease investigation times by 8x, and spend the rest of your time fighting the threats that matter.

Start your XDR journey now and dramatically simplify security operations.

Rethink the status quo with XDR

Investigate in minutes

Stronger threat detection and response requires applying powerful analytics to data spanning your entire infrastructure, piecing together attacks, grouping alerts and accelerating investigations.

Detect anomalous behaviors with self-learning AI

Security must include machine learning-driven behavioral analytics to uncover anomalous behaviors as well as understand interactions between users, data, applications and endpoints.

Improve ROI in security operations

Modernizing your security operations with XDR simplifies security and improves your company’s bottom line. Combine efficiency gains, lower management costs and consolidation to reduce your total cost of ownership for detection and response by 44%.

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