Security Across the
Cloud-Native Continuum
Protecting today’s cloud workloads and apps

Leverage DevSecOps for App Security in the Cloud

Today’s enterprises are facing more and more compute options across the cloud-native continuum, spanning VMs, containers, managed Kubernetes®, platform as a service (PaaS) and serverless deployments. When it comes to building and running modern workloads and applications, users have to weigh each offering’s specific advantages and trade-offs.

Recently, Enterprise Strategy Group published “Leveraging DevSecOps to Secure Cloud-native Applications,” which covers the latest adoption numbers, trends and security concerns across all categories in the continuum.

In this webinar, you’ll get insights into how organizations are successfully building and securing these technologies. Join Doug Cahill, ESG senior analyst and group practice director, and John Morello, Palo Alto Networks vice president of Product Management, as they discuss the latest survey findings and the importance of properly securing cloud-native applications.

Watch the webinar to get up to speed on the latest cloud-native technologies.

Secure your cloud-native workloads