Expand network visibility with AutoFocus™

Reduce Your Security Risk With Deeper Context Into Attacks

It’s true: without visibility into your threat landscape, you can’t effectively manage or mitigate security risks. With Palo Alto Networks next-generation firewall and cloud-delivered security services like WildFire® malware prevention, DNS Security, and PAN-DB URL and IP database, you already have unparalleled threat visibility. Your current subscriptions allow you to detect and speed up your efforts in response to attacks using data crowdsourced from the industry's largest network of sensors.

That said, for the best defense, you need both unique visibility into real-world attacks and relevant, actionable context.

AutoFocus™ contextual threat intelligence service is your one-stop shop for threat intelligence. Your teams will receive instant understanding of every event with unrivaled context from Unit 42 threat researchers, and you can embed rich threat intelligence in your existing tools to significantly speed investigation, prevention and response.

If you subscribe to any of our security services and want visibility into your threat landscape, get a complimentary AutoFocus-tailored Security Lifecycle Review (SLR) for a custom risk assessment of your existing threat data.

Custom risk assessment