It’s true: without visibility into your threat landscape, you can’t effectively manage and mitigate security risks. With WildFire® cloud-delivered malware analysis service, though, you already possess unparalleled threat visibility. Your WildFire subscription allows you to detect and automatically respond to unknown attacks using data from our global security community.

That said, for the best defense, you need visibility and actionable context.

Acting as a lens into your WildFire data, AutoFocus™ contextual threat intelligence service accelerates your ability to analyze and respond to cyberattacks. Using deep context and attribution collected from our Unit 42 threat research team, you can quickly investigate, correlate and pinpoint a malware attack’s root cause without adding dedicated malware researchers or more threat tools.

Automating visibility and context simplifies conversion of raw intelligence into protection across your environment. Using AutoFocus in conjunction with WildFire, you can:

  • Easily tap into threat data with full context
  • Quickly analyze threats and investigate root causes
  • Rapidly and precisely respond to attacks

To better defend against and stay ahead of attackers, get a complimentary custom risk assessment of your existing WildFire threat data with our AutoFocus-tailored Security Lifecycle Review.


AutoFocus in Action

Get actionable context into your threat data

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