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Thanks for your interest in Cortex™ XSOAR Community Edition. We know you’ll appreciate the benefits of security automation, case management, real-time collaboration and native Threat Intel Management working together on a single platform.

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A few important notes:

  • The free Community Edition is supported through our Slack® community, which you’ll be added to automatically after your download.
  • 30 days from when it is first generated, your full-featured Cortex XSOAR trial license rolls down to the Community Edition. When this happens, the number of requests is restricted. See below for a feature comparison.
  • You can check out our Cortex XSOAR playbook repository and open source automation scripts here.

Community Edition users get a 30-day free trial of the full-featured Cortex XSOAR

Offer subject to change.

Cortex XSOAR (Enterprise version)

  •  • Unlimited automation
  •  • Unlimited incident history
  •  • Unlimited threat intelligence feeds
  •  • Native threat intelligence with AutoFocus
  •  • Full enterprise reports package
  •  • 24/7 Customer Support access
  •  • Multi-tenant

Cortex XSOAR Community Edition

  •  • 166 daily automation commands
  •  • Rolling 30-day incident history
  •  • 5 active feeds with 100 indicators per feed
  •  • Native threat intelligence not included
  •  • Incident closure report
  •  • Slack DFIR community
  •  • Single tenant

Incident dashboard for security analysts

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