The State of Cloud Native Security

A Virtual Event


A Virtual Event

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Virtual Summit: The State of Cloud Native Security

Palo Alto Networks and Accenture recently surveyed 3,000 cloud architecture, InfoSec and DevOps professionals to uncover today’s security trends around moving to the cloud and securing cloud native architectures and methodologies.

In this virtual summit, cloud security leaders from Palo Alto Networks, The New Stack and Accenture will reveal the results from The State of Cloud Native Security Report 2020.

From there, our ecosystem partners, customers and cloud native security leaders will host a series of sessions on solving critical security issues in the age of cloud native applications.

Event Highlights

Customer Perspectives

Hear from our customers as they share insights into securing their own cloud journeys.

Changes in Cloud Adoption Trends

Learn how the rapid release cycles employed by today’s development and DevOps teams impact cloud adoption and infrastructure.

Shift-Left Security

Learn how to shift security left and integrate visibility and protection across the entire cloud native technology stack.

Data Security

Find out how organizations apply data protection methods within the cloud.

Network Security

See how the ecosystem secures networks, enforces microsegmentation and detects anomalies.


Panel Discussion

The State of Cloud Native Security Report (2020) Panel

In this panel, thought leaders from Palo Alto Networks, Accenture and The New Stack will unpack some initial findings from The State of Cloud Native Security Report (2020).

The panelists will apply their own experiences within their organizations to the major report themes, including findings on the tools and technologies that companies are using to meet and deal with the challenges of securing cloud native architectures and methodologies.

Customer: John Morello
John Morello

VP of Product,
Prisma Cloud

Customer: Mark Rauchwarter
Mark Rauchwarter

Multi-Cloud Security Lead,

Moderator: Alex Williams
Alex Williams

The New Stack (moderator)

Transforming Your Enterprise in the Digital Age

Enterprises embrace cloud computing as an enabler for frequent value delivery, requiring increased agility and pace of innovation. In this session, Miriam McLemore, Enterprise Strategist at Amazon Web Services, will explore the potential for transformation that comes with cloud adoption and discuss how some of the world’s leading enterprises were able to transform and quickly deliver business value outcomes.

Miriam McLemore
Enterprise Strategist, AWS

Customer Responsibility VS CSP Responsibility: Securing the Cloud

Enterprises often struggle to adapt to new management paradigms as they migrate their workloads to cloud. When on-premises, they are solely responsible for everything (hardware, operating system, middleware, software, security, etc.), but once they migrate to the cloud, cloud service providers take over varying responsibilities depending on the service model (e.g., IaaS, PaaS or SaaS). Google Cloud, specifically, provides some cloud-native security controls but It isn’t always clear where their security responsibilities begin and end. In this session, Jennifer will talk about how emerging use cases are evolving Google Cloud and Anthos platform requirements, as well as the implications for security and privacy.

Jennifer Lin
VP of Product, Google Cloud

How Prisma Cloud Secures BankUnited’s Journey to the Cloud

A predominantly AWS shop, BankUnited’s cloud journey brought a slew of different use cases to the fold. Tune in to this discussion to learn how Prisma Cloud by Palo Alto Networks allowed BankUnited to secure their end to end cloud journey from a single, consolidated platform, along with best practices and recommendations to consider along your journey.

Michael Lehmbeck
Cloud Architecture and Operations Manager

Felipe Medina
VP, IT Security Operations – InfoSec Engineering

Refinitiv Uses Prisma Cloud as Foundation for Custom Cloud Security Reporting App

Learn how Refinitiv built a custom cloud security reporting application - on top of Prisma Cloud, the Cloud Native Security Platform. Security Architect, Risk Technology at Refinitiv, Darian Jenik, will share some of the initial security challenges that drove Refinitiv to consider a third party solution like Prisma Cloud, plus what drove the need for the innovative new custom app. Walk away with key insights and learnings and actionable next steps to implement a similar innovation and approach within your own organization.

Darian Jenik
Security Architect
Risk Technology at Refinitiv

Shift as Far Left as You Can to Protect Cloud Native Applications

Cloud infrastructure, containers, and serverless functions continue to be deployed at an increasing pace. With frequent release cycles combined with the immutable nature of cloud native applications, devops and security teams can combine their powers to shift security left across the application lifecycle. In this talk, Palo Alto Networks product leaders will discuss shift-left security best practices, requirements, and trends.

Aqsa Taylor
Product Manager
Prisma Cloud
Palo Alto Networks

Ashley Ward
Solution Architect
Prisma Cloud
Palo Alto Networks

Vinay Venkataraghavan
Cloud CTO
Palo Alto Networks

Alex Williams
The New Stack (moderator)

Changes in Cloud Security Adoption Trends

For many organizations, the accelerated shift to the cloud also means completely reimagining and optimizing their stacks to achieve a cloud-native implementation. In what may have been a multi-year strategy for an enterprise, now has been reduced to months or less. In this session, we will explore key cloud security trends that IT and security leaders should keep an eye on to ensure they are prepared for the rapidly approaching cloud-native future.

Matt Chiodi
CSO Public Cloud
Palo Alto Networks

Securing a Kubernetes Cluster with RedHat

Organizations are rapidly adopting containers and Kubernetes to more easily develop and manage the applications that deliver business value. However, in order to use Kubernetes in a production environment, you need to build security in your DevOps pipeline with both proactive and reactive security measures. In this session, we explore OpenShift’s secure-by-design platform, Built-in security features, and Red Hat’s new Advanced Cluster Management for Kubernetes Product.

Dave Meurer
Principal Solution Architect on the Red Hat Global Partner Security ISV

Security for the Cloud Operating Model

To unlock the fastest path to value of the cloud, enterprises must consider how to industrialize the application delivery process across each layer of the cloud. This means embracing the cloud operating model and tuning people, process, and tools to it. Learn how to simplify operations for a multi-cloud reality, where security can be applied consistently regardless of target cloud environment, and what success looks like for organizations in terms of provisioning, securing, connecting and running cloud native environments.

Ray Ploski
Field CTO at HashiCorp, Inc.

Observability and Security: A Match for Cloud Native

Cloud native patterns are driving us to bake observability into our applications and infrastructure through metrics, distributed tracing and other approaches. In this session, we will discuss how this monitoring data and the observability graph can help us better understand and detect security attack vectors, as well as serve as early indicators and signals of security related events. We will cover both strategies for how to use this data for security purposes, and review studies from real world events where monitoring data proved key to early detection and prevention.

Ilan Rabinovitch
VP Product and Community

Cloud Native Technologies Spotlight: Advancements in Serverless, Software Supply Chain Security

With organizations adopting cloud native technologies at an increasing rate, the Cloud Native Computing Foundation (CNCF) is focused on empowering organizations to build and run scalable applications in modern, dynamic environments such as public, private, and hybrid cloud. In this session, Vinay Venkataraghavan, Cloud CTO of Prisma Cloud invites three of the industry's top experts to provide CNCF project updates in the areas of serverless technology and supply chain security. Attendees will learn about the latest challenges to securing the software supply chain, advancements in serverless and future impacts of these technologies.

Vinay Venkataraghavan, Cloud CTO, Palo Alto Networks

Justin Cappos, Associate Professor, Computer Science and Engineering

Santiago Torres, Security Researcher at New York University and Assistant Professor at Purdue University

Doug Davis, Technical Offering Manager, Knative

The Future of Network Security for Cloud Native Applications

As enterprises continue to adopt cloud native architectures to power their business, they can face challenges in securing their growing networks. Cloud native computing, built on containers, microservices and orchestration technologies like Kubernetes, shifts the focus from the perimeter to the entire network attack surface. In this talk, we will share a vision for complete network security for cloud native applications.

Mukesh Gupta, VP of Product, Palo Alto Networks

John Morello, VP of Product, Prisma Cloud, Palo Alto Networks

Best Practices for Securing Public Cloud Data Storage Services

The appeal of easily storing nearly an unlimited amount of data had led to the explosive adoption of public cloud storage services like AWS S3, Azure Blob Storage, and Google Cloud Storage. With zettabytes of data being stored in these services, data classification, preventing exposure, and the spread of malware hidden in data is of paramount importance. In this talk, we will discuss best practices for protecting PII, intellectual property, and other types of sensitive data stored across public cloud storage services.

Patrick Chang, Sr. Director, Product, Palo Alto Networks

Jonathan Bregman, Sr. Manager, Product Marketing, Palo Alto Networks


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