Report: The State of SOAR 2018

The second annual state of incident response report

Technological advancements have made it easier to conduct business, but the job of securing these technologies falls upon already overworked security teams. Demisto conducted a study of security professionals around the world to delve deeper into security challenges, their manifestations and possible solutions. Our results yielded fascinating insights into the state of cybersecurity in businesses of all sizes.

Some interesting trends our report uncovered:

  • Alerts on the rise: Organizations review an average of 12,000 alerts per week, resulting in an MTTR of 4.35 days.
  • Personnel woes: It takes around 8 months to train new security employees. Despite this, a quarter of employees leave within two years.
  • Piecemeal processes: More than 50% of respondents either don’t have defined security processes or rarely update existing processes.
  • Threat hunting time: Around 62% of respondents expect SOAR tools to help with proactive threat hunting.

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“We’ve seen plenty of research that highlights the unending growth in security alerts, a widening cybersecurity skills gap, and the ensuing fatigue that is heaped upon understaffed security teams. We conducted this study to dig deeper into these issues and find out how SOAR tools can leverage their unique position in the security landscape to help solve these pressing problems.”

— Rishi Bhargava, Co-Founder and VP-Marketing, Demisto

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