Crack the Code with Cloud Compliance
Be audit-ready anytime, anywhere

Compliance requires a continuous approach

Correctly configuring and adhering to organizational compliance standards is essential to preventing successful cyberattacks. More to the point, making sure your applications and data are adequately protected is crucial to helping your company avoid fines, a tarnished image and loss of customer trust. 

Despite the countless tools available, organizations like yours still struggle to adequately control exposure and maintain compliance across ever-changing cloud environments. Plus, all that extra demand puts significant strain on already fatigued security teams.  

In this webinar, learn how to ensure governance and compliance across your cloud ecosystem and SaaS apps with:

  • Realtime discovery and classification of dynamic resources and data
  • Accessible and configurable governance using granular policy definitions
  • Compliance auditing that leverages automation and built-in compliance frameworks

Watch the webinar on demand to hear what Jonathan Bregman, product marketing manager at Palo Alto Networks, and Fernando Montenegro, principal analyst at 451 Research, have to say about key cloud compliance requirements and best practices.

Get cloud compliance confidence