XSOAR Buyer’s Toolkit

Essentials to unlocking security automation.

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  • State of Security Automation Report
    Learn how your peers are currently utilizing security automation.
  • Top Use Cases
    See how Cortex XSOAR® is deployed in common SOC use cases to reduce time investigating and triaging incidents. This includes areas such as phishing, rapid breach response, threat intel management, cloud security and network security operations.
  • XSOAR Marketplace Overview
    Discover and leverage powerful automation packs. They’re prebuilt automated workflows based on best practices culled from our experiences across thousands of SOCs globally.
  • Leading the Pack Once Again: Cortex XSOAR
    Get an in-depth, third-party overview of the SOAR market to find the best solution for your business needs. Plus, learn why Cortex XSOAR was rated the highest value option.
  • XSOAR ROI Tool
    Curious about just how much time savings youll gain? Try this ROI tool. Calculations are based on actual performance metrics from deploying XSOAR in our Palo Alto Networks SOC.