Adventures of the
Cloud Defenders


Security and Compliance for Your Google Cloud Environment

Your epic journey through the realm of security and compliance awaits. Whatever powers you wield in defense of your company’s cloud, it’s dangerous to go alone – better to arm yourself with the right tools to conquer risk and emerge victorious, with the growth and longevity of your business assured.

Your mission is clear: Protect your organization’s digital transformation in an ever-changing cloud landscape. Yet who can you trust and rely on to help you defend the cloud? How can these different roles help you eliminate blind spots as well as maintain continuous security and compliance in your cloud environment?

Follow along in the Adventures of the Cloud Defenders to see the journeys these heroes must take to defeat their personal archnemeses and succeed in securing the cloud. Embark on the quest to learn how Prisma™ and Google Cloud enables you to predict, prevent, detect and automatically respond to security and compliance risks – and reap the sweet rewards.

Be the hero of the land of security and compliance. Grab your armor and weapon of choice, Cloud Defender. Your adventure awaits.

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