Welcome to Cyber Safe Kids!

Check out our Cyberfit Nation program for a series of free online workshops that teaches children critical knowledge and skills to have fun and stay safe online.

Download the ACSC’s Cyber Security Instruction Manual. It’s a kid's guide to using the internet securely and it provides five easy steps to teach children how to stay secure online.

Welcome to Cyber Play Time!

This series is all about having fun with being safe online. Join Rhi and Ted as they navigate their digital world and help each other be safe while playing and learning. The interactive content is great for family time or as a classroom activity.

Are You Really a Friend?

Join us in a mask-making project and learn how easy it is for anyone to pretend to be someone else in our digital world.
Suitable for 5-7 years.
You need: paper, scissors, colouring pencils or crayons.

Password Power!

Kids need to know how to create strong passwords to protect important information and devices. See how easy it is to teach this skill in a fun and playful way!
Suitable for 5-7 years.

Being Kind to Others Online

Let's listen to Ted and Rhi talk about how to handle negative comments and feeling hurt by chats online.
Join in their game to explore your own feelings and reactions to different things.
Suitable for 5-7 years.

Phishing is Fishy Business

There are online tricksters and scammers out there trying to steal your information. How do we avoid getting tricked into doing something that could harm ourselves or others? Join Ted and Rhi in their quiz game to learn more.
Suitable for 5-7 years.

Today more than ever, our kids
are spending loads of time interacting online.

To that end, we are passionate about equipping our youth with resources to have safer online experiences and become good digital citizens. Across the world, we have shared responsibility to contribute to the safety and wellbeing of our future generations. At Palo Alto Networks, we believe protecting our digital way of life is a privilege, and with that privilege, we strive to educate the world on all aspects of cybersecurity.

Let’s talk about...



Protecting your privacy

Safe online boundaries

Empowering Digital Safety for Our Youth

We’ve created the Cyber A.C.E.S. – Activities in Cybersecurity Education for Students – program to demystify cybersecurity through interactive learning, equipping kids ages 5 to 15 with an understanding of how to protect their digital future.

Lessons are designed so they can be facilitated by anyone, regardless of their knowledge level, with each module tailored to a specific age group.

We encourage everyone to take advantage of this content and share these free lessons with their local schools or community programs.

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Cybersecurity Academy

We are all about inspiring students to pursue learning and careers in cybersecurity. Start learning the foundational skills required in the field of cybersecurity with our fundamental free training courses.

Access a range of entry-level through advanced courses on today's cybersecurity landscape, threat prevention and next generation technology for cloud security, network security and Secure Operation Center operations. There are hands-on labs to teach cybersecurity job skills, and discounts on Palo Alto Networks certifications.

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