Complete Cloud Security With Prisma Access

Protection everywhere. Less hardware.

Protect branches and mobile users with Prisma Access

With branch locations going direct-to-internet and mobile users spending less time connected to remote access VPN, your branches need the same level of protection they would get at HQ. As your organization adopts more cloud apps, your approach to network security will continue to undergo changes. 

Using Prisma™ Access, you can secure a path to the cloud for branch offices and mobile users anywhere in the world with a scalable, cloud-native architecture delivered via a streamlined cloud management UI. Prisma Access blends enterprise-grade security with a globally scalable network and the ability to rapidly enable secure outbound internet connectivity for your customers.

Watch the on-demand webinar to learn how to utilize all the comprehensive prevention built into Prisma Access: 

  • Threat Prevention stops exploits from reaching vulnerable endpoints and workloads, disrupts command-and-control traffic, and enforces IPS protections across all ports and protocols. 
  • URL Filtering blocks inappropriate or malicious websites and prevents credential theft by blocking attempts to submit corporate credentials to unknown websites. 
  • DNS Security identifies infected hosts attempting to establish contact with an attacker by sinkholing DNS queries to hostile domains. 
  • Malware prevention technology prevents the delivery of malicious payloads carrying known/unknown malware and ransomware, using the latest Unit 42 threat intelligence, third-party threat feeds and automated updates from Palo Alto Networks WildFire®.
  • User and entity behavior analytics, or UEBA, uses Cortex to track down attackers operating from within your organization. 
  • App visibility lets you maintain total oversight of all apps, across all ports and protocols, allowing access to sanctioned apps by enforcing policies based on User-ID™ technology, Host Information Profile and threat inspection while blocking unsanctioned apps.

Prisma Access delivers consistent security from the cloud to your direct-to-internet initiatives.

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